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Submittal Guidelines

Since your on the internet, send your material via e-mail to  You may type the material directly in an e-mail or send it as an attached file (Word 6.0 preferred).

If you need to send only a paper copy of your article, please try to send typed copy that is clearly readable. A legible handwritten copy is also acceptable. Send scanned photo files or actual photos with your material. Do not send a printout or photocopy of a photo as these cannot be used in the ERRORSCOPE. Please contact Jeff  at the above e-mail before sending any material to obtain a valid shipping/mailing address. When taking photos to accompany your material, use a background of a contrasting shade (i.e., light background for a Lincoln cent, dark background for a Jefferson nickel).

Advertising Rates & Guidelines

Classified Ads
The Errorscope accepts buy, sell, and trade ads for all coinage and numismatic- related items. 4 cents per word is charged, limited to 75 words, with name and address being free. CONECA assumes no responsibility for content of ads. Advertisers selling items must extend a 14-day return privilege. Please contact Jeff  at the above e-mail address before sending all advertising copy and remittances. All copy for ads must be in the hands of the Ad Manager by the 10th of the month, two months prior to the month in which the ad will appear. CONECA reserves the right to reject any ads which are controversial, contain counterfeit or altered coins, or are submitted by any dealer who does not adhere to good business practices.

Display Ad Rates

The following rates are for camera ready display copy:
Page Size Cost
Full Page $128.00
1/2 Page 64.00
1/4 Page 39.00

Setup Fees

The following additional fees will be charged when camera-ready display copy is not provided:
Page Size Fee
Full Page $80.00
1/2 Page 40.00
1/4 Page 20.00


Errorscope on Sale !!

All back issues are just $2.50 each plus postage

Contact Lee Gong for Availability

Lee Gong

Back Issues

1211 W. College Ave.

Santa Rosa, CA 95401-5044

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