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Washington Quarter Reverse Die Variety Study by James Wiles

Determining Die Doubling from Other Forms of Doubling by J.T. Stanton

1970-S Doubled Die Lincoln - Garners $22,500! by Ken Potter

So Just When Did Single-Squeeze Hubbing Begin? by Ken Potter 

Second 1982 Doubled Die Reverse Uncovered By Reader by Ken Potter

A Look At The 2000 MAD Clash Cent (Formerly Called The “Extra Beard” Doubled Die) by BJ Neff

A Die Clash Rating System by The Ike Group

Collector Finds Double Struck Dollar Error In Gov. Issued Mint Set! by Ken Potter

Doubled Die Medal Work Of Jefferson Nickel Designer, Felix Schlag by Ken Potter

1980-D&S Lincoln Cent Debunked by Ken Potter

A VERY Special Susan B. Anthony dollar! by Rick Emery & Mike Diamond

2006 Lincoln Doubled Die Found Second Strong Variety Reported For Year! by Ken Potter

2006 Lincoln Cent Doubled Die Discovered by Robert Piazza & BJ Neff

2006 Doubled Ear Lincoln Cent - 1st Strong Variety Found For Date/Denomination! by Ken Potter

1970-D Jefferson Begs For Explanation by Mike Diamond

MAD & O/C VA 25c Show Erratic Pattern of Error Production by Mike Diamond

The CONECA Top 100  Lincoln Cent RPMs by James Wiles

Earliest Single-Squeeze Doubled Dies Known! (Canada 1991 Snowy Owl $300 DDs) by Ken Potter

1998 American Silver Eagle 7-Coin "Strike Thru" Progression! by Ken Potter

"Oh, No It Ain't ...!!" Series by Ken Potter (Articles On Coins That Appear To Be Errors But Aren't)

Selected Jefferson Nickel Varieties by Jason Taylor

Two-Headed Coins Unlucky For Some (What are two-headed coins) by Ken Potter

Spiked Head Watch! (A Listing of "Spiked Head" & Related Die Cracks on Proof Coins)

Cortez Reports Honduran Overdate w/ Monster Doubled Die

Shield Nickel Varieties by Ken Hill

Inverted Die Installation by Mike Diamond

Standing Liberty Quarter Die And Collar Clashes by Robert H. Knauss

Diagnostic Features Of The 1922 "No D" 1c Die Pair#2 by Ken Potter

Recent Finds! (Archive of   the CONECA Homepage Feature)

1964 Coins Minted For Three Years! by Ken Potter

Building A Winning Exhibit by Ronn Fern

Four Unusual Cuds by Mike Diamond

German 1939-D 2 Reichspfennig Doubled Die by Ken Potter

Treatment of Minor Varieties by Ken Potter

Invisible Strikes: A Closer Look by Mike Diamond

2000 Ty-IIs - Lincoln Cent Memorial Reverse Design Varieties
by James Wiles

How To Write An Article by Bob Larkin

Look For 2002-S "Spiked Head" Silver-Proof JFKs

CONECA Obituaries/Memorials/Remembrances

Errorscope Reviews Archive

Off Site Articles Index

New Yorker Gets Error Proof Set Birthday Surprise! by Ken Potter

Determining Die Doubling From Other Forms Of Doubling by J.T. Stanton, NLG

Authenticating 'Silver Pennies' by Ken Potter

1969-S Doubled Die 1c Roll Find May Hit $100,000

"Fresh" 1969-S Doubled Die Obverse Lincoln Cent Found In Roll

PCGS Certifies 1969-S Doubled Die Cent by PCGS

Weak Edge Inscription Jefferson Dollar Found

The Exceedingly Rare Canada 1965 Large Beads 5c Revisited by Ken Potter 

Canada 1965 "Extra Bud" Doubled Die Cent by Ken Potter

Zinc 1982 Cent Host To New Doubled Die by Charles D. Daughtrey

Clipped Planchet Jefferson Dollars Certified by PCGS

1999 1c "Wide AM" Reverse Die Study by Ken Potter

2007-P Thomas Jefferson Doubled Die Reverse Found

Mike Diamond's Error-Variety Checklist

Wisconsin Quarter Die Hardness Tests Debunked by Ken Potter

Washington $1 Exhibits Tilted Edge Lettering

Double, smooth edges on 2007-P Adams by Ken Potter

New error dollar appears; Edge of Adams coins impressed twice by Ken Potter

Mint to 'tweak' processes to cut errors by Numismatic News

D-Mint Plain Edge Dollars Might Be Told Apart From P-Mint Dollars

Plain Edge Errors Found In Denver Mint Rolls

PCGS Certifies Blank Planchet, Lettered-Edge Presidential Dollar by PCGS

The Faceless Dollar Joins the Growing List of Major Washington Dollar Errors by Susan Headly

PCGS certifies lettered-edge planchet by Ken Potter

George Washington "Golden" Dollar Sports Die Gouge by Ken Potter

Presidential Dollars Fraud Report - Beware of "Buffy Dollars"

Washington Dollar Plain Edge Coins - FAQs

A Comprehensive List Of Reported GW Dollar Errors

The Illustrated Oregon 25c Doubled Die Listings

Doubled Die Oregon State Quarter Found!

Minnesota Quarter Doubled Die Obverse Found!

Proof  Minnesota Quarter Doubled Die Found!

PCGS Will Certify Minnesota Quarter Varieties

2005-P-D-S Minnesota Doubled Die Listings

Richard’s ROOSEVELT Dime Review

2005-P Minnesota Quarters Boast Extra Tree

What Is A Major Die Break (or Cud)?

Cherrypicking by Eric von Klinger

Bison drops letter From Numismatic News by Ken Potter

1999-S Proof 1c w/Circulation Style Reverse Discovered From Numismatic News by Ken Potter

Cent's reverse rotated From Numismatic News by Billy G. Crawford

Is Your 1958 Cent The Real Doubled Die? by Ken Potter

Opinions continue to vary on cause of odd marks on Wisconsin quarters  by Coin World

States Quarter Die Chips, Breaks, etc. -- Error or Variety? by Ken Potter

Coveted quarters common after all? by Tucson Citizen

2004-D Wisconsin State Quarters With Die Gouges by Ken Potter

Wisconsin excitement grows by Coin World

Wisconsin "extra leaf" quarters -- my analysis by Mike Diamond

Prices rising for Wisconsin quarters with extra 'leaves' by Coin World

PCGS Grades Wisconsin State Quarter Major Varieties by PCGS

The Minting Process by Birmingham Mint

The 1984 Doubled Ear Doubled Die Cent by Ken Potter

1997 "Double Ear" - Doubled Die Cent Diagnostics by Ken Potter

Double Struck 1904 Gold Double Eagle by Heritage

Found Treasures: 1914/3-S Nickel by Stewart Huckaby (Heritage)

1795 $1 Flowing Hair, Two Leaves. Struck over previously struck 1794 silver dollar by Heritage

1823/2 25c VF30 NGC. B-1, R.6. in ANA Sale by Heritage

1916 5c Doubled Die Obverse AU58 Realizes $39,000 by Heritage

"Superbird" Quarter Pair at Pittsburgh ANA Signature Auction by Heritage

The 2004-P Doubled Die Nickel by Ken Potter

The 2004-P Doubled Die Nickel by Jason Taylor

The 2004-P Doubled Die Nickel by Billy Crawford

Buffalo Nickel Errors and Varieties at Long Beach by Heritage

The 1883/2 Shield Nickel Web pages by Howard Spindel

How Coins Are Made by US Mint

Seldom Seen Selections: 1856 Flying Eagle Cent, Snow-5 by Heritage

Varieties (Over Mint Marks, etc.) On Modern Coins Of India by Paul Baker

Tips For Scanning Coins by Chuck D'Ambra

Glossary Of Numismatic Terms by Chuck D'Ambria

2003 Lincolns Found With Wavy Steps by Ken Potter

1955-S Cud Reverse / "Capped Head" Obverse Cent by Ken Potter

Interesting Die Clashes With Raised Details In Design by Ken Potter

Two-Headed Coins What they are (and what they are not) by Ken Potter

Reverse Varieties Of The 1959 Franklin Half Dollar by Ken Potter

Reader Sends In 1948 and 1949 Canadian Cent Varieties by Ken Potter

Attribution Guide to 1974 Canadian Nickel Dollar Varieties by Ken Potter

Chinese Cash Sports Four-eyed Dragon by Ken Potter

1950-S 25c Doubled Die Reverse Report by Ken Potter

First Franklin Half Over Mint Mark Reported! by Ken Potter

1946 Doubled Die Obverse Roosevelt Dime by Ken Potter

The 1937 Doubled Die Washington Quarter by Ken Potter

1918-S Standing Liberty Quarter "Clashed E" Next to Liberty's Knee by Ken Potter

The11-cent piece explained by Ken Potter

"Contaminated Die Design Transfers" by Ken Potter

Is My 1969-S Cent "The" Doubled Die? by Ken Potter

1970-S Small & Large Date Varieties by Ken Potter

The 1972 Doubled Die Kennedy Half Dollar by Ken Potter

Found Treasures: 1859 Transitional Dime

2003-S Proof Sacagawea Dollar "Spiked Head" Error by

Fey Finds 1796 Dime With Repunched 6 from Numismatic News

Spiked Head Jefferson Found! by Ken Potter from Numismatic News

Proof 2002 Nickel "Spiked Head" Die Break by Bill Penner

Coinage Struck On Foreign Planchets by Gregory N. Mirsky

About 1943 "Copper" Cents by Alan Herbert Article Index on Error Coins Article Index on Variety Coins

PCGS Library Article Index for Alan Herbert

PCGS Library Article Index for Ken Potter

CONECA Error-Variety Coin Articles Index

PCGS Article Index For Errors

PCGS Article Index For World Errors

PCGS Article Index For Varieties

PCGS Article Index For World Varieties

US Small Size Dollar Coins & Related Items by Mike Wallace

Early Die State MS66 1914/3 Buffalo Nickel by Heritage

Found Treasure: 1823/2 Quarter by Heritage

Mint Tour by Frank M. Zapushek

Canadian Paper Money Errors Explained by Tom Merritt

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